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Darker Roasts

Black Diamond

Region: Blends

A complex 5 bean blend of coffees from around the World. We have pulled the riches of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia together. Just like on the hill, this is not for the weak of heart. It is a blend for those "who love the steeps and prefer the deeps". (ski talk)

$15.85 | 1 lb. bag
French Roast Coffee Beans

French Roast

Region: Blends

An exceptional blend of American and Pacific coffees brought to a deep, smoky dark roast, while still retaining plenty of fruity acidic character.

$15.95 | 1 lb. bag

Espresso Blend

Region: Blends

A blend of Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Sumatra and Kenya coffees. Sweet rich berry-like fruitiness from the Costa Rica with a nutty sweet character from the Brazil, rich full body from the Kenya and a chocolaty finish from the Sumatra. Oh the sweet nectar! It does your body and mind good!

$15.85 | 1 lb. bag
Black Russian Coffee Beans

Black Russian

Region: Blends

An exotic blend of French Roast and Sumatra Mandheling with a long rich satisfying finish. A very rich and bold roast sure to get your morning started right!

$15.85 | 1 lb. bag

Sumatra Mandheling

Region: Pacific

A very sweet and earthy coffee, with a heavy body and full flavor. The coffees of Sumatra are pulled by hand and dried in the sun resulting in a fuller flavor and heavier body.

$16.95 | 1 lb. bag